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Flower store chain in Russia
Apple pay
contactless payment
Credit cards
payment by a credit card
Promo code
promo code transfer
map a route to the store
Project objective
The project objectives are to provide a new innovative sales channel in addition to an existing site and to be displayed at the customer’s screen as a constant reminder of the company’s brand.
We had an aim to make a mobile application by summer, first for IOS then for Android. It was necessary to make credit card payment, including Apple Pay technology for instant purchase payment.
First, based on our builder, the basic app functionality, then card payment and Apple Pay were implemented. We offered the most suitable type of catalogue and connected the functionality of push-notifications to increase sales.
As a result, we received a full-featured native app with the ability of quickly purchasing and item payment. The client satisfies with pickup in orders and increasing number of installations. There are plans to make integration both with the courier service and the website.