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Do I have to know how to code to run my applications?

To run basic versions of mobile app for a trading company – you don’t! But if you plan to expand the functionality yourself, you will need to puzzle out the source code or contact our developers /third-party developers for help.

Will I have recurring payments?

Yes, recurring payments will be made, but they will be insignificant. Their presence is due to the fact that we need to keep personal account, updating content, push notifications operational.

Do I need parsing of my website if I can add information in manual mode!?

There are three options for filling your mobile applications. The first is a manual version using personal account. It is suitable for companies whose range is changed rarely (for example a restaurant). The second one is using special tools to unload your product listings as XML (Google Merchant), but this requires active involvement of the programmer. The third option is to use xmldatafeed.com for parsing your website. It was created specifically for regular receiving and updating information on you mobile app.

Who will keep the ownership of summarized mobile application version?

It will be totally yours. We transfer non-exclusive license to the work product. It allows you to own mobile applications without restrictions. Sublicense implies that we can offer the Appropio mobile app builder to other companies, but this in no way prejudice your rights. An example is the Microsoft Word (or Excel), to which you acquire just non-exclusive rights; it is sold to other users!

Will I be able to improve my mobile app functionality later when it is necessary?

Yes, you will. There are no technical (or other) restrictions on the development of mobile applications for the requirements of your business. APPROPIO is an open platform which can be updated by any developer.

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