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Mobile App Builder

Create your own mobile app for your business

Who is it for?

Appropio is an app maker designed for small business and trading companies. For example, you are the owner of a coffee house, an online store or a bakery chain. You are looking for new avenues for your business, but not yet ready to spend much money on individual application development.

New sales channel

More and more people make purchases from mobile devices. Developing the app you get free advertising and an additional income channel. Our app builder is for the company that already sells via the Internet or just plans to do it.

How does it work?


Build an app

Click the “Build app” button and start working with the app builder right on the site. It’s very simple – you choose a platform, template, style, colors, icons and fonts, download your content and customize the components you need.



After you build an application we will run a trial version. You’ll receive the link to install your app on your phone and test it. The application will be stored for 60 days. You can make edits and publish it for free again.


Publishing on App Store and Google Play

When you make sure your application is ready to use, subscribe to technical support and update the functionality. After payment we’ll publish the application on App Store or Google Play where customers will be able to download it. Next, you can operate the app and its functionality using a personal account.

Create a mobile app under your own brand name
179 000 9 900 /mo
The ability to sell mobile apps to clients in your region (become our partner)
Mobile app development based on the Appropio platform
By individual request

Functional design

We have developed various functional solutions: several methods of navigation, catalogues for different business spheres, all-in-one flypage and loyalty program for your customers.

Use different interface styles, a large selection of fonts, a color palette and icon sets. You don’t need to be a designer to create a beautiful and holistic product.

One size fits all solution, no coding required.

The app builder allows you to create a native mobile app quickly and easily, without writing any code. We transfer the source code and the documentation so you can either continue to operate the app by yourself or involving any company.

The app builder is created using the Microsoft Xamarin cross-platform. Using this base you create a single solution which is transformed into the appropriate versions of your application for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Loyalty system

Select the loyalty system you need to increase repetitive selling. We have prepared modules with saving-score system, a discount card and the possibility of adding a promo code. Our aim is to make loyalty program work inside the mobile application with no need for complex integration with the company’s accounting systems.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are powerful marketing tools. With its help you can talk about news, promotion actions, sales and events. Enter your account and send notifications to your customers!

iBeacon / Eddystone Beacons

It is mobile applications which allow you to get all the possibilities of geo-tagged marketing. Use Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone & Geofencing technologies to interact with your customers within a certain locations!

These technologies will allow you to work effectively with the target audience, increase sales and customer loyalty.

Apple Pay and Android Pay* Support

Now the user can pay for purchases immediately using app, without a physical map – in one move.

* Android Pay will be available in mid-2018

* Bitcoin payment option is available since 2018

Integration of your app

We envisaged integration
with the leading systems
on e-commerce market

Google Analytics

User behavior analytics

Firebase Analytics

Advanced analytical capabilities

Apple iBeacon

These are technologies which allow you to track a person’s position and send him push notifications using the beacons installed inside the stores. When the buyer drives or passes by the store, he receives a notification about existing promotions.

Mobile app increases sales

Criteo’s report shows that mobile traffic overtakes desktop. In 2016 in the USA, 52% of orders are made using mobile devices. Russia is rapidly moving towards this indicator.

Have a look at the sales statistics (basket orders) of some of our customers using mobile applications made with Appropio builder. Data is taken from the Google Analytics system for 2016-2017.

Have a look at the app prototypes built with Appropio

Flower delivery


Clothing store


Projects implemented by Appropio (in different countries)


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